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Arden Enterprises is not responsible for the operation of the Tatton Estate ( but does look after the Peover Estate, Bostock Green and the Gatwick Farms.

Arden Property is directly responsible for a range of residential, commercial, rural and heritage assets in Bostock Green, Reigate, Tatton and Peover”.

Property & Projects

Bostock Green

Bostock Green Village, managed by Arden Enterprises, features a collection of over 30 buildings and several businesses, housing around 200 residents. The village is known for its timeless charm, enhanced by Arden Enterprises through significant investment, including support for local businesses. A prime example is the 2015 opening of the Hayhurst Arms, which revitalised a derelict former Working Men’s Club building.

Additional contributions delivered by Arden Enterprises include maintaining a nursery and preserving the historic Smithy, dating back to 1798. Facing a long-standing conservation deficit, Arden Enterprises collaborated with local authorities and stakeholders to develop a vision aimed at fostering a diverse and sustainable community with opportunities for local living and employment.

This vision includes integrating new, sensitively scaled developments and improved community facilities, funded by these new projects. Plans also feature new active travel corridors linking Bostock Green to nearby areas, enhancing connectivity and access to outdoor spaces, which supports the community's identity and access to nature.

Property & Projects

Gatwick Farms

Crossways and Gatwick Farms Estate, comprising of over 400 acres of arable farmland, farmsteads and high value residential properties enjoys an enviable location. Straddling the M25 at junction 7, close to Reigate and Gatwick Airport it has unparallelled accessibility. The south of the Estate is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and abuts with the National Trust owned Surrey Hill’s AONB, a significant tourism and leisure asset for the region.

Arden Enterprises have been working with local stakeholders and tenants to explore opportunities to bring forward some strategic sites to address local shortfalls in EV charging and an integrated sustainable transport network, as well as small scale development opportunities. In recognition of the importance of the landscape designations, and Surrey Hills area, Arden Enterprises are also looking to work with the National Trust to explore opportunities to improve the Fort Visitor experience and create viewing platforms for unparalleled viewpoints across to the City.

In addition, working with farm managers Arden Enterprises are exploring opportunities to develop natural capital products including the creation of habitat banks alongside a move to introduce more regenerative farming principles to the core arable enterprise

Property & Projects

Peover Estate

A small estate with rich history. Peover Hall is an Elizabethan House dating back to 1585 when it was built by Sir Randle Mainwaring. During World War II it was requisitioned as the HQ for General George Patton of the US 3rd Army to train for the D-Day landings in 1944.

The gardens are part of the NGS Garden Scheme and are open to the public during the summer months.

Arden Enterprises is not responsible for the operation of the Tatton Estate, for any enquiries relating to Tatton please visit

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