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"Arden Enterprises manage a dynamic group of businesses and strategic partnerships to enhance communities and deliver economic value."

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Tatton Group has been rebranded to Arden Enterprises, differentiating the family’s ventures from those of Tatton Estate and its Board of Trustees. Based in the Estates Office at Arden Park, Arden Enterprises continues its established food, farming, and environmental activities.

Arden Enterprises manage a dynamic group of businesses and strategic partnerships to enhance communities and deliver economic value. Based in Cheshire, our ventures span from innovative diversification projects at Bostock Green, Peover, and Tatton. In addition we work with our managers and tenants at Crossways and Gatwick Farm Estates near Reigate along the M25. Our approach is consistent - to maximise economic, social and environmental impact through impactful partnerships and collaboration with local and regional stakeholders

We champion the creation of mixed-use, sustainable environments. Our vision is underpinned by a commitment to environmental health, advocating for clean air, water and biodiversity, which are essential for the well-being of current and future generations. working with Local Nature Partnerships and environmental NL0’s, government organisations and charities we help shape small and landscape scale projects

We proudly support projects with the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and contribute to sustainable transport initiatives, such as the Northern Powerhouse Rail Growth Corridor. Our longstanding support of the King's Foundation bolsters our contributions towards thriving rural economies and net-zero developments.

The diverse portfolio of assets that we work on includes acting as agents for a selection of businesses on the Tatton Estate, particularly those related to film studios and locations and large outdoor events. We also own and operate a short stays and wedding business on the Tatton estate.

Arden Enterprises is owned and operated by Henry Brooks who is a fervent champion for the future prosperity of our towns, villages and transportation networks. Henry is also widely recognised for his family’s stewardship of the Tatton Estate,Bostock Green and Crossways and Gatwick Farms, Reigate now overseen by professional trustees.

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